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QR-1024 1024 DMX Controller

Item No.: QR-1024
1. Certification: Passed CE/ RoHS
2. Delivery time: 3-15days
3. Shipment: By DHL/ Air/ Sea
4. Payment: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union
QR-1024 1024 DMX channels Light Controller

Technical Parameters

Using embedded operating system, 5-inch color capacitive touch screen
Full Chinese / English dual system
Maximum 1024 control channels, optical isolation signal output.
Maximum control of 160 computer lights or 160 dimming
Can build, edit library, use R20 format library
Intelligent matching address code, support for horizontal / vertical exchange, support for channel reversal
Each lights can use up to 40 main channels + 40 fine-tuning channels
100 programs can be saved, each programs up to 600 program steps
Support fade in, fade out, LTP slide, can run 10 programs at the same time
132 graphics, built-in graphics track generator 
Built-in MIDI synchronization signal, but also an external MIDI signal
Playtime play function, a key light show function
3 digital wheels can adjust the parameters accurately
With UPS power, shutdown data retention. U disk backup and upgrade.
Professional goose neck work lights, suitable for indoor and outdoor performances

Net Weight:11kg
Rated Voltage:110V~220V 50~60HZ
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