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QR-ZT3620 36CH 4KW Power Distributor

Item No.: QR-ZT3620
AC380V, 400A rhinoceros plug input, maximum 36 channels * 4KW,
bakelite inserts 40A, 16A waterproof inserts, and 19 core inserts,
international standard 13U
Power supply: three-phase five-wire AC380V plus or minus 10%, frequency 50Hz plus or minus 5%.
Input rated current: 400A rhinoceros plug input,
maximum 36 channels * 4KW optional for any load.
Equipped with 225A general switch, overload and short circuit double protection
high - grade air - break switch.
Three-phase independent voltage, current, monitoring, three-phase A.B.C indicator.
Three output options: 40A bakelite plug
Dimensions: international standard 13U

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