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QR-BS400 400W 3in1 Beam Spot Wash Light

Item No.: QR-BS400
400W Beam Pattern Moving Head Light
Product parameters
Light Source: Osram 382W
Materail: Metal Frame + Die-Case Plastic Cover
DMX Channel: 20CH
IP Rating: IP20
HS Code: 9405409000
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Voltage: AC90V-240V 50Hz -60 Hz 
Power consumption: 500W 
Lamp Source: Osram 382w 
Color temperature: 8500K 
working hours: 2500 hours
 Color: a color wheel with 12 colors + white light effect, variable and continuous rotation of the color wheel can produce a rainbow effect in any direction. 
Gobo wheel: A fixed gobo plate: 12 fixed gobos + white light, the gobo can be jittered. A rotating gobo wheel: 7 glass rotating gobos + white light, with a clockwise and counterclockwise rotation effect 
Prism: One 8-prism, 2 water trays A six-sided trapezoidal prism; can be rotated in the forward and rever se directions and has a prism positioning function Double prism superposition, 
Prism rotation effect (8+16,,16+24,8+24 can be customized) An atomizing mirror with atomized dyeing effect. 
Focusing: electronic linear zoom and electronic linear zoom system.
The beam angle is 2.5 degrees, the beam is full, the edge is sharp, and the beam feel is full; Pattern mode 5 degrees -40 degrees super large zoom range, high definition, unique beam pattern switching mode, to ensure the good uniformity of the light spot and color temperature consistency Wide range of dyeing angles can meet the requirements of various occasions Stroboscopic and dimming: 
The fast action stroboscopic shot can quickly interrupt the beam, and can achieve 1-10 times per second stroboscopic effect. There is also a dimming effect. 
Motor: It consists of a precision three-phase stepper motor controlled by a built-in microprocessor. Lamp body: It is formed by a combination of engineering plastic shell, streamlined design, beautiful and generous. 
540°horizontal rotation 270°vertical rotation, both have microstep precision. , 
Control channel: 20CH
touch screen display, 
international standard DMX512 control signal   
Working environment: indoor, -20℃~50℃ 
Shell: High-strength temperature-resistant engineering plastic shell and metal powder spraying technology, streamlined appearance design.
lighting size: 42x30x63cm 
Flycase size: 81x48x83

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